We are the architects
of marketing communication


We help to make
meaningful projects successful

Creation is fun and joy for us; and we want to keep it this way, because the best ideas come when we enjoy the work. Therefore, we only work on projects that we believe in and are in harmony with their vision, value and purpose.

We give projects
new energy and joy

We are visionaries. We find ways to make our projects successful. We build the architecture of marketing communication so that it works, makes sense and achieves the desired goal.

We bring ideas
to life

Not only ideas, but also their high-quality implementation is important for achieving the goals. That's why the projects grow up under our leadership so they will not lose their intention and strength.

We make good use of
the time factor

Good systems gain in strength and efficiency with time. The effective communication architecture created by us will be taken over to our aftercare and we will further attend to its long-term operation.

What can we help you with?

Professional marketing

Automated sales systems

Communication and
sales strategies

Success is no coincidence
if you know how to do it

A fair strategy
for long-term success

Long-term sustainable strategies are those where all parties have a demonstrable benefit. Give your clients what is useful to them, what they value, and they will provide the right counterpart. The fair principle is seemingly self-evident and positively accepted, but today often overlooked or imbalanced.

on the client and benefits

Customer knowledge is your key to the success of the project. If you cannot talk to them or if you use a language or arguments they do not understand, your communication is useless. Modern means can reach the target group with surgical precision. The more demanding, yet more important, it makes to understand their thinking and motivation. The customer does not care that you want to tell them something, but how it will satisfy their needs.

Communicate where
they will listen to you

Comprehensive mass medial bombardment of the market through general communication is, with a few exceptions, a historical relish. Today\'s trend through the internet, PPC systems and social networks is to target the customer with as little scattering as possible. Not only the demographic and socio-economic, but also interest and community strategies can communicate a clearly focused idea to those who will respond to it positively.

Automation of business
and communication processes

The current trend is automation. Properly created and set up communication process will replace a whole army of traders. Leave a routine communication and addressing the cold market to communication machines and focus on areas where you are really needed - on building a strong personal relationship with a client who is really interested in the value you provide. 

Artificial intelligence
even in your project?

Today's technology is moving forward and what was up-to-date yesterday is out of date today and will definitely be overcome tomorrow. Therefore monitoring the latest trends and their implementation into practice is key. Artificial Intelligence (AI), increasingly advanced analysis and attribution tracking, the use of modern psychological practices, 1-to-1 communication models are currently on the agenda, if you want to be effective in sales. Do not be afraid to step ahead, smart solutions win.

Share joy
and positive vibes

Motivace strachem je rychlá a účinná. Dnešní člověk je jí přesycen, vede k pasivitě a stresu. Možná proto je tak oblíbená v masmédiích. Pokud svou komunikaci založíme na pozitivních hodnotách, na reálné pomoci a prospěchu pro klienta, pak dochází k navázání důvěry a vztahu. Nejdříve opatrně a nesměle, později trvale, silně a věrně. Takové nastavení záleží na vnitřních hodnotách, zásadách a také schopnosti je komunikovat.

They say about our work…

Unlike previous online marketing companies, I feel safe and satisfied at last. Instead of promises, there are real things going on, and it's mainly to see on the increasing number of visitors to our web and Facebook sites and it's finally coming up with sales and course attendance rates! What I value most is the professionalism with which you approach our requirements and needs
Martin ZajacOwner of Apneaman s.r.o. and a freediving national coach
Your experience and personal approach convinced me of cooperation with you, which you have transformed over time into specific actions and results that have been successful and have ensured our company quality presentation and communication with consumers.
Aleš PáralExecutive Officer of LAKMA ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA s.r.o.
Our cooperation has always been inspiring and motivating. I respect the team's professionalism, ability to look at things from different sides, their visionary and also human dimensions. The team can help your project not only to come to life, but also to bring everything to good order and system. Their ability to bring things to an end is truly admirable. Excellent partner for your new successful projects!
Peter SasínCo-founder of NLP Academy, NLP coach.
You have impressed me with your professional attitude and experience. Then you've confirmed everything in real life. We worked together on marketing, strategy and new products. I strongly recommend the services.
Bc. Vít HalškaEntrepreneur and visionary at Merkuro spol. s r.o.
We have worked together to promote digital and live events. Your positive approach and direction to the goal have been key to the success of our common business success. I very much appreciate your way of project coordination and persistence, which helps with the deadlines and leads to satisfied clients in the end.
Václav KrajňákClipsan s.r.o.
Thank you for your great cooperation. You have helped us launch new sales channels. We deal with the development of new products together. Thanks to the synergy of new sales channels, joint work on development and deployment, we have been able to create new sales records. Finally, I want to thank for the human approach. In joint consultations, we talk about all areas of our business.
Martin NavrátilAssociate and coach 30-day Challenge

We draw from experience

Completed projects
Consultations provided
Years in the field

We will be happy to meet you

David Kopecký

Together with our colleagues we will find, set up and implement
the effective path of marketing communication.
We love to look for brand new solutions and we also appreciate proven models.

We build on the talents and strengths of all our team members,
so that our work a mission, entertainment and fulfilment at the same time.

We like to overcome the boundaries between a supplier and a client.
It is our aim to find common enthusiasm for a good and useful work.

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